Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things to Think about If You Were Pressured to Be "Normal"

Many neurodivergent individuals have been pressured to be "normal" and have been convinced that the normal way is the right way. If you are one of those people, investigating these questions may help you.

  • What evidence, if any, is there showing that the normal way is always the right way? Is there anything people normally do that leads to unfavorable consequences?
  • Do all people like normal behavior? Do all people dislike different behavior? Is it possible to please everyone?
  • Does doing normal behavior help you or harm you? Are you actually growing if you are using a strategy that is opposed to your neurotype?
  • Do you think getting accommodations is a sign of weakness or a refusal to adapt to the world? If so, why? Try coming up with counterarguments to your explanation.
Hopefully, these questions gave you more insight. If you think more questions should be added, post them in the comments.